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Since the advent of the smart phone, people have become accustomed to and conditioned to expect graphical user interfaces, instant-on responsiveness, portability, constant connectivity, and more from their modern day electronic devices. The expectation is becoming the norm as we cram more and more smart electronics into our cars, our living space, and our lives. Meeting the needs of the demanding digital user calls for high performance system buses for firmware code execution, data storage, working data processing, sensor data, etc. Current system bus interfaces often require the tradeoff between performance and footprint, either the high performance of a high pin-count parallel interface or the small active signal footprint of a serial interface.

The Xccela Consortium is an industry association championed by Micron to promote the Xccela Bus as an open-standard digital interconnect and data communications bus suitable for volatile and nonvolatile memories as well as other types of integrated circuits (e.g. MCUs, SoCs, ADCs, etc.). While the Xccela Bus specification is fully compliant with the JEDEC xSPI standard, it goes further by providing complete device specifications and guidelines so that every manufacturer’s Xccela Bus devices are 100% drop-in compatible. The charter of the consortium is to define the Xccela Bus interface specifications and common command protocols for those devices that will reside and communicate on the Xccela Bus.

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